29 December 2011
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Exoplanet Explorer: Improving navigation

One of the things I was particularly pleased about in the V2.2.0 release of Solar Explorer was the improved navigation, giving the app more of a feel of flying between the planets. It was actually pretty difficult to implement. Although my development tool of choice, Shiva3D, reduces the time needed to write an app and […]

24 December 2011
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Solar Explorer V2.3.0: Pioneering spirit

One of the things I’ve been trying to do with Solar Explorer is to create a model of every spacecraft that is a pioneer in some way. I began this with Voyager 1 and 2 because in addition to being famous, many of the planet and moon surfaces in this app are created from photos […]

21 December 2011
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Exoplanet Explorer: Working towards version 2.0

Today marks a milestone working towards the next release of Exoplanet Explorer, version 2.0, with the completion of what is probably the hardest part: the new planet database and extraction script. The old one used the same layout that the Exoplanet Encyclopaedia uses, which is what’s called a one-to-one relationship, where each planet is associated […]

10 December 2011
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Solar Explorer V2.2.0: Working backwards

I originally started work on Solar Explorer back in late 2010, shortly after Google had finally permitted Australian based developers the right to release paid apps. Back then, all those months ago, I was testing the infant app on my brand new HTC Desire, with it’s 1GHz single core CPU. Boy was it slow! Even […]

6 December 2011
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Exoplanet Explorer V1.2.7: The Kepler-22b release

I awoke this morning to news of Kepler’s first confirmed “Earth-like” planet. Curious, I opened up Exoplanet Explorer to find that there wasn’t enough data to draw the Kepler-22 system. This had to be remedied, so I fired up my script that creates the planet data to see if anything had changed at the primary […]

5 December 2011
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Solar Explorer V2.1.0: Detailed Planets

I’ve released a new update to Solar Explorer that features an option I recently introduced into Exoplanet Explorer, called “Detailed Planets”. Turning this on adds surface details to planets to make them look a lot more detailed. Take Earth for instance: with this option enabled, the ocean reflects sunlight, but the land doesn’t and as […]