29 June 2012
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Solar Explorer: Rolling out an update

After unintentionally being put on hiatus for a few months, it’s time to roll out an update of Solar Explorer, version 2.4.5. The reason for the delay was largely due to Android bugs on specific devices that the Stonetrip team had to work around, but I had to wait for two builds of the universal […]

17 June 2012
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Resolving difficult issues

For some time I’ve been copping flack from people who’ve installed unsupported custom ICS ROMs on their Android devices, because sometimes the touch screen stopped working with my apps, Solar Explorer and Exoplanet Explorer, resulting in misleading comments on Android Market such as “ICS fail” which are not true as the problem only started after […]

2 June 2012
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Rockets of the Space Race: 14 rockets completed

It’s amazing how time consuming drawing pointy cylinders can be! With a reasonable variety of models nearing completion, I was able to finalise the process I use for creating textures and surface detail. This meant that I had to go back and slightly re-work all the models I’d done so far, which took a while… […]