29 October 2012
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Solar Explore 2.4.9: Catching up

The latest update for Solar Explorer is out, introducing a lot of minor code changes and improvements aimed at making it easier for me to port it to different markets and devices. Probably the most noticeable change will be that when you quit the app, it’ll save what you were looking at, and put you […]

27 October 2012
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Exoplanet Explorer V2.3.4: Tweakfest

Another week, another update, this time with lots of little tweaks. The biggest change is that the phantom planets that made an guest appearance in the last update have been identified and eradicated. This was caused by a few of the binary system data files from the old database sneaking into the folder for the […]

21 October 2012
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Exoplanet Explorer 2.3.3: Remembering so you don’t have to

One of the hardest things about developing for Android is the proliferation of markets, which is both good and bad. It’s good, because it lets promotes choice, but it’s bad for developers who have to cater to every little rule that these markets come up with in an effort to make themselves stand out from […]

7 October 2012
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Exoplanet Explorer 2.3.1: Explaining terms used in the app

I know I said I was going to release the Playbook update during the week… well, I wanted to get one last, change in before I submitted it to Blackberry, which has just been done. It’s a “glossary of terms”. With the switch to the Planetary Habitability Laboratory’s data, there’s a few new fields included, […]