30 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: Released to Google Play

I ran through some final testing today and noticed a couple of minor GUI issues – for example, the music could be turned off by setting the volume to zero, but upon restarting the app, increasing the volume wouldn’t make the music audible again. I tracked it back to a bug/feature in AudioToolkit that completely […]

26 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: Finished, again!

Yet again I find my self at the point of having Galaxy Explorer ready for release. This time though, I really, really mean it. Implementing those API’s was a lot more work than I expected, but not because I had to write a lot of code. I didn’t have to write much code at all. […]

22 July 2013
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A Facebook implementer’s rant

This morning, I fixed a few minor bugs I’d found in Galaxy Explorer, ¬†and decided to add the Facebook and Twitter API keys so I could do the final test of sharing. Who knew that setting up this new-fangled Facebook fad could be so difficult? When I was a lad, we’d carve our Likes onto […]

21 July 2013
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Transmutation: rewriting isn’t so hard

The Transmuation rewrite is turning out to be easier than I expected, simpler than it was the first time I wrote it in Shiva, a bit over a year ago. That’s quite an achievement because at the time I’d been using Shiva for about 18 months, and I’ve only been working with Unity for four […]

19 July 2013
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Transmutation: the rewrite

After taking a short break, it’s time to work on something new while I’m waiting to release Galaxy Explorer. It’s going to be a complete rewrite of Transmutation, using the Utils framework I created for my first app. I’m still experimenting with Unity, so I’m going to be testing out many of the plugins that […]

15 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: functionally complete

At last, the end is in sight for the Unity app that I’d never intended to create! The non-programming tasks remaining are to register my app on Facebook and Twitter, so that anyone who wants to can share the app. Also to check that the in-app purchase actually works by creating a fake Google account […]

14 July 2013
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36 hours of ChartBoost

Having finally managed to get MoPub to serve up AdMob ads (most of the time), I moved on to ChartBoost, with trepidation. It was worse than I imagined. I spent the whole of yesterday just trying to get one solitary ChartBoost ad to show. No dice. Today, I tried a new tack: I downloaded the […]

13 July 2013
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Dancing with MoPub: part 2

In part 1, I came to the mistaken conclusion that I had it all figured out. Nope. Little did I realise that although I had “ads” working in MoPub, Admob ads weren’t. Further investigation has revealed more issues: I didn’t realise it, but you have to copy all the ad network jar files into your […]

12 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: Polishing continues

The past two days have been spent replacing some of the text with icons in Galaxy Exoplorer, generally tidying up the UI, and implementing a few more 3rd party APIs to handle things such as sharing. It’s amazing what a few, flat white icons created in Inkscape can do. I also created an app icon, […]

10 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: Running out of things to fix

The polish is always the hard part in a project… it’s where the boredom becomes an issue. Yesterday, I went back and recreated the default database from the original XHIP data. The main.dat file that the app uses contains all of the interesting stuff, except it’s only got the Hipparcos number for the star. I […]