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Garden Seasons

Harvest the freshest fruits and veggies in this deliciously fun puzzle game!

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Harvest the freshest fruits and veggies in this deliciously fun puzzle game!
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Challenging puzzles await

Garden Seasons is easy to play, but hard to master. Simply Match 3 of the same kind of fruit or veggie to harvest them and earn a score. Win the level when you have earned enough points.

The challenge grows with you as your skill increases. In later levels you’ll face combinations such as time limits and harvest quotas.

Each level you win will earn you stars that combine to unlock later seasons. For the ultimate challenge, beat the maximum score and earn three stars for all levels.

Power-ups to collect, cards to unlock

Match chains of four and five fruits and veggies to earn bonus point. Matching four of a kind win you a lightning fruit which can be used to clear an entire row or column at once. Chaining five of a kind rewards you with a powerful basket bomb. Matching a basket bomb to any other kind of fruit will cause them all them to explode and score you a huge bonus!

As you progress and earn an more stars, you’ll win collector cards. These provide nutritional information about all of the different fruits and veggies in Garden Seasons.

Four seasons of fun

The four seasons of Garden Seasons each have a different theme and special effects.
The game begins in the warm days of summer. As the air cools and Autumn approaches, leaves begin to fall from the trees and you’ll have to clear frost from the fruits and veggies before they can be harvested.

With the arrival of winter, frost turns to ice which has to be smashed. Act quickly though, because the ice will spread with each move you make. When winter breaks and we move into spring, butterflies emerge.

In addition to the four seasons of the year, Garden Seasons also includes a bonus season dedicated all the berries of Summer

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