11 February 2013
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AVG for Android: antivirus gone bad

I’ve beenĀ  getting sporadic reports from users that some of my Android apps have spontaneously become viruses or malware.

The one thing they have in common is that they are all using AVG Anti Virus for Android, and they all updated it recently.

Looking at AVG’s page, it’s apparently something they’ve done. Sifting through the recent comments reveals a number of people with similar, strange malware reports.

And it really sucks when the malware is apparently built into your phone’s ROM.

Thankfully, it’s been fixed, so I won’t bother reporting it myself.

It’s no doubt affected a lot more people than those that left comments, but they probably think that AVG saved them from a sudden flood of viruses.

Other developers are suffering too.

One of my apps has collected a comment warning others not to install it. This sort of thing can be deadly for a small developer, but thanks to Google requiring Google+ accounts, I can at least contact the commenter and let him know that AVG was wrong.

Hopefully, everyone using AVG will update and the problem will go away… at least until the next time AVG doesn’t test their software properly…