20 January 2013
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Blackerry’s final Portathon: a huge success

It’s been a busy couple of days because I decided to take part in the final Blackberry Portathon, after missing out on the previous two, because I thought I didn’t really have anything to submit.

A bit late, I know. There was lots to do and I really wasn’t prepared, but I succeeded in submitting 5 new, free apps for the BB10 launch.

Four are games, the first being Transmutation which has been on Android for a while. It was originally written with a framework that I created for the purpose of making apps quickly, but due to time limitations last year, I wasn’t able to complete anything else.

The second app is called “Impulse”. It’s an updated version of a classic game called Thrust. I’d actually written it more than a year ago, but I could never figure out what to do with it, so I dropped it at about 90% complete. It still needed a UI, so I squeezed it into the framework that Transmutation uses, and released it.

Three is called “Meteor Defence”. It’s soft of a missile command style game that I was playing around with over the Christmas break.

App number four is an RSS feed of my blog using Blackberry’s App Generator. So far, I’ve submitted it twice but it keeps bouncing back to “ready for submission”. Hopefully it’s just a temporary bug.

RIM are going to offer up a number of BB10 devices to developers who release five or more apps, so about 14 hours ago, I decided to create a new app from scratch. Browsing free flash game sites revealed that with 16 hours left on the clock, I only had time to create a classic bug-squashing game.

All of this was done in a bit of a rush, so over the next few weeks there will be a flurry of updates and modifications to improve all of these and make them worthy of appearing on RIM’s new devices.

I’ve signed out of the Portathon now, and at last count, they’d passed 17,000 apps with about two hours to go. Amazing!