26 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: Finished, again!

Yet again I find my self at the point of having Galaxy Explorer ready for release.

This time though, I really, really mean it.

Implementing those API’s was a lot more work than I expected, but not because I had to write a lot of code. I didn’t have to write much code at all. The problem was that almost every API had faulty instructions, bugs and/or required super-human effort to set up testing conditions.

I should clarify that the problems were courtesy of the API vendor, and I’ve had very little trouble from the plugins I purchased from other Unity developers.

Because I’ve wrapped all these APIs up in my “Utils” class, I won’t have to do this again… for Android at least. I’ll still have to figure out issues for iOS or Blackberry releases, but it hopefully won’t be anywhere near as painful.

I’m going to hold off on the release of Galaxy Explorer for a couple more days because I’ll be busy doing non-computery things over the weekend, and won’t be able jump on any bug reports if anything goes wrong, which it probably will, being my first finished Unity app.

Speaking of my first Unity app, I looked back at my email history, and I signed up for Unity on the 12 of April, which would have been a short time after finding out that Stonetrip had secretly gone out of business. Today is the 26th of July, so I’ve only been working with Unity for about three and a half months. It seemed longer, and yet, I feel that I’ve achieved more than I had hoped I could in what is really a short time, considering I was starting from scratch in Unity.

Meanwhile, over the course of the week, I continued working on the rewrite of Transmutation, when time permitted. I previously provided a shot of the game looking very much like it’s predecessor. Since then, I’ve begun the graphics refresh, and it’s now looking very different.

Still lots more to do, but it’s not a particularly big project and most of the remaining work is just adding visual effects, updated graphics, and a few game-play enhancements to make it more interesting, such as achievements and challenges.

Thankfully all the APIs I need are already implemented into Transmutation thanks to importing the Utils class from Galaxy Explorer.

Transmutation Rewrite Shot 2