15 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: functionally complete

At last, the end is in sight for the Unity app that I’d never intended to create!

The non-programming tasks remaining are to register my app on Facebook and Twitter, so that anyone who wants to can share the app. Also to check that the in-app purchase actually works by creating a fake Google account on my tablet and trying it out.

Apart from that, everything is in now in place and functional, with no outstanding things to fix. The ads were still working this morning, and I checked Dropbox on my tablet for the first time today and it’s also working as expected.

I’ve also decided to make a slight change to how the app is presented. Rather than charge a fee for unlocking the import function, I’ve decided to make it fully functional for free, with an ad that’s shown upon opening it. I’ve gone to the trouble of creating an importer, but I don’t believe it’s enough of an incentive for the vast majority to pay to unlock it, so I’m going leave it unlocked to give the app more education value.┬áIn-app purchases remain, but for now it’s just to remove the ads.

I started work on the official Galaxy Explorer page today. It’s a work in progress and I’ll provide more information on the data format before the app goes live.

Right now, I’m just waiting to see how long it will take DropBox to “approve” my app. There’s some sort of process they go through before you can make an app live for anyone besides the original developer. I’ve no idea how long that will take, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to start releasing the app sometime this week, on Google Play, followed by various other Android networks, and potentially iOS too since I’m 90% of the way through registering as a developer.

I’ve been using a Mac for the past four months, I might as well start working on iOS too.

Galaxy Explorer Splash