1 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: Unity trashes two days of work

Fun isn’t it? When Unity crashes, it doesn’t just close, there’s also a fairly good chance it’ll wipe out the scene you have open.

So far, I’ve been fairly lucky. Whenever this happened, it’s only been an hour or two of work lost.

Today however, just before I was about to do a backup (Unity seems to always know when I’m about to backup), MonoDevelop imploded and seems to have taken out Unity as well.

Unfortunately, I just discovered that I forgot to backup since Saturday morning.

A whole 48 hours.

All the work I’ve done on the scene since then is gone.

I guess I’m lucky it didn’t destroy all the code I wrote as well.

But now I’ve got to figure out all the changes I made again, and I made a lot of them as the project is nearly done – lots of tidy up.

I think I’m going to have to switch Time Machine back on and let it run every hour. I’d turned it off originally because I was doing some tasks that required high CPU and it was thrashing the hard drive when ¬†Time Machine kicked off, if I wasn’t watching.

It’s just too dangerous to work with Unity without constant backups at regular, short intervals.

Edit 11:03 pm

I re-implemented all the stuff that was lost, got it running, then Unity wiped out again, though this time it only trashed the IDE configuration and broke mouse input on my app, rather than destroying the entire project.

The problem seems to be related to MonoDevelop. I’ve been initiating debugging from the “attach” button in MD (because of compilation problems with RageSpline), and sometimes it doesn’t connect properly. If I then edit and save the code while still debugging, it seems to make Unity unstable. This is presumably in the middle of refreshing the assets folders, when it’s writing to files.

I didn’t lose anything this time, Time Machine had been restarted, and I’d made a manual copy of the project a short time before it fell over again.