Solar System Explorer

Solar System Explorer will take you on an exciting 3D journey through our solar system. Featuring more than 35 planets and moons, and the spacecraft that have visited them, you’ll have a chance to see a different side of our little corner of the galaxy!

The full edition delivers all the planets and major moons of our Solar System in glorious HD with extra effects and a special tablet mode, so it will look great on all devices, large or small.

Solar System Explorer also features models of past present and future robotic space explorers. It includes craft such Cassini which is currently half way through a 20 year mission to study Saturn and it’s moons.

Surface images of the planets have been re-constructed from photos taken by telescopes or NASA spacecraft. Because few probes have been to the outer solar system, a number of moons have only been photographed from one side, so the missing details have been estimated based on what is visible.

Orbital positions and speeds have been adjusted to make it easier to navigate the Solar System and see the planetary motion at human speeds.

Interesting facts about each of the places you visit in the solar system, and the spacecraft you see are available at the touch of a button.

To put the figures into perspective, the statics of other planets and moons are presented relative to Earth.

There may only officially be eight planets now, but Pluto is included because it’s one of the biggest known objects in our Solar System.

The Lite version of Solar Explorer has been rewritten and is now called Solar Explorer HD. Once all of the missing features have been added, the full/paid version of Solar Explorer will also be updated and renamed to Solar Explorer Pro HD.

For those who want the old version of Solar Explorer Lite, you can from here.





Coding and graphics by Neil Burlock
Music by Kevin MacLeod