4 March 2012
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Solar Explorer: The next update

According to FedEx tracking, my Playbook will arrive tomorrow, so I’ll finally be able to see how Solar Explorer looks on it. I can’t wait I’ve had two visual bugs reported in the Playbook version of Solar Explorer, which will be fixed in the next update. The first occurs when the app is started while […]

26 February 2012
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On market stats

It’s no secret that I use Flurry to anonymously count the number of times my apps get downloaded. Android Market’s download stats have in the past been completely wrong, while rival markets generally “double count” downloads, including both updates and new installs in their totals. Then there’s the figures I’m seeing for my latest app, […]

22 February 2012
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Announcing Transmutation

One of the problems I’ve been struggling with recently is a lack of exposure for my apps, Solar Explorer and Exoplanet Explorer. This has caused them to lose rank positions in the Education category in Android Market and I believe it was the result of changes I’d made to the apps in late December, which […]

8 February 2012
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The struggles of an app developer

You might have noticed in the past few weeks that there’s been a string of updates to the free version of Solar Explorer and Exoplanet Explorer. These haven’t been random improvements, I’ve actually been wrestling with a problem. Back in July last year, about a month after I released Solar Explorer, I implemented Flurry into […]

21 December 2011
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Exoplanet Explorer: Working towards version 2.0

Today marks a milestone working towards the next release of Exoplanet Explorer, version 2.0, with the completion of what is probably the hardest part: the new planet database and extraction script. The old one used the same layout that the Exoplanet Encyclopaedia uses, which is what’s called a one-to-one relationship, where each planet is associated […]

8 September 2011
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Saying goodbye to Google

Over the last four months I’ve turned from a naive Google fan-boy buying into the well known “Do no evil” motto, to a jaded app developer who thinks he’s seen it all (but probably hasn’t) on the front lines of the Android market. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s certainly not been fun. That’s […]

28 July 2011
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Is Google losing the plot?

I have something I need to get off my chest. I’m finding that I’m not liking Google as much as I used to. I recently realised that I’d started to feel this way around the time that I decided to become an Android developer, and it’s only been getting worse since then. Becoming an App […]