26 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: Finished, again!

Yet again I find my self at the point of having Galaxy Explorer ready for release. This time though, I really, really mean it. Implementing those API’s was a lot more work than I expected, but not because I had to write a lot of code. I didn’t have to write much code at all. […]

22 July 2013
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A Facebook implementer’s rant

This morning, I fixed a few minor bugs I’d found in Galaxy Explorer, ¬†and decided to add the Facebook and Twitter API keys so I could do the final test of sharing. Who knew that setting up this new-fangled Facebook fad could be so difficult? When I was a lad, we’d carve our Likes onto […]

8 July 2013
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Galaxy Explorer: Nearly there

Although I lost a few days last week to other tasks, I’m back on Galaxy Explorer and it’s nearly complete, just a few UI issues, some testing, create an icon, and it’ll be ready for release. Importing is working well now – I’ve decided to restrict the app to the 15,000 of the closest nearby […]

25 June 2013
Galaxy Explorer
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Announcing: Galaxy Explorer

Following up on my test post, the picture included was an early shot of the alpha of my next app, which is called Galaxy Explorer. It all started a bit over a week ago, while I was poking through the samples that came with Space Graphics Toolkit plugin for Unity to see what it was […]