17 December 2013
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Cheating in XCOM: Enemy Unknown?

Thanks to the incredible cheapness of Steam games (when purchased through 3rd party sites) I’ve just finished playing through XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I have to say some of the end-game stats look a bit dubious to me: I scored 12,000 points while the world average was 144,000 I had 120 scientists and the world average […]

9 August 2013
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Transmutation: Functionally complete

For the past couple of days I’ve been tidying up Transmutation and getting it ready for release this weekend. The most obvious change since last time is yet another colour scheme. I was testing the game on my Transformer Prime, which has a bright, though washed-out LCD panel, and the light yellow scheme I’d selected […]

27 January 2013
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Impulse – an updated Thrust

Impulse is my interpretation of Thrust, a gravity game from the early 1980′s. I started the project, over a year ago, as a Shiva3D learning exercise, inspired by a clone of Thrust I’d found on Android Market. The biggest complaint from users of the clone was that the touch screen version had controls which made […]