8 September 2011
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Saying goodbye to Google

Over the last four months I’ve turned from a naive Google fan-boy buying into the well known “Do no evil” motto, to a jaded app developer who thinks he’s seen it all (but probably hasn’t) on the front lines of the Android market. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s certainly not been fun. That’s […]

7 September 2011
Solar Explorer
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The Google broke it edition

A new update for Solar Explorer today, and there’s no actual change. This release has been brought to you courtesy of Google deciding that the last update would work only on devices that supported landscape mode Not portrait or landscape view, landscape and only landscape. There’s only 23 devices with this kind of limitation. Solar […]

31 August 2011
Solar Explorer
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The LITE edition

Ugh! Another comment that I can’t reply to… Don Dude: “Commercial ads are in the way Really cool program , how can anyone enjoy this program when ads are in the way !” Well, Don Dude, that’s what the pro edition is for. It’s exactly what you’re looking for. No ads! HD textures and more! […]