22 February 2012
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Announcing Transmutation

One of the problems I’ve been struggling with recently is a lack of exposure for my apps, Solar Explorer and Exoplanet Explorer. This has caused them to lose rank positions in the Education category in Android Market and I believe it was the result of changes I’d made to the apps in late December, which […]

1 January 2012
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Finding apps designed for Android Tablets

I was browsing the web on my Android tab last week when I came across a type of app in Android Market that I hadn’t seen before: tablet app indexes. It’s about time! Google isn’t really on the ball when it comes to Android Market, probably because they are an advertising business, not an app […]

8 September 2011
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Saying goodbye to Google

Over the last four months I’ve turned from a naive Google fan-boy buying into the well known “Do no evil” motto, to a jaded app developer who thinks he’s seen it all (but probably hasn’t) on the front lines of the Android market. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s certainly not been fun. That’s […]

31 August 2011
Solar Explorer
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The LITE edition

Ugh! Another comment that I can’t reply to… Don Dude: “Commercial ads are in the way Really cool program , how can anyone enjoy this program when ads are in the way !” Well, Don Dude, that’s what the pro edition is for. It’s exactly what you’re looking for. No ads! HD textures and more! […]

28 July 2011
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Is Google losing the plot?

I have something I need to get off my chest. I’m finding that I’m not liking Google as much as I used to. I recently realised that I’d started to feel this way around the time that I decided to become an Android developer, and it’s only been getting worse since then. Becoming an App […]