30 March 2012
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Solar Explorer 2.4

The new version of Solar Explorer has been out for about a week on Android. During that period of time, I’ve been trying to sort out bugs that are affecting the latest Motorola phones, causing the spacecraft to be invisible in the app. It’s not fixed yet, but I’ve narrowed it down to either a […]

21 March 2012
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Exoplanet Explorer: Available on App World!

Finally, it’s arrived! It took some time, but AppWorld finally approved Exoplanet Explorer for sale, and I’ve just flagged it as available. Because I know there are a number of Playbook users who are waiting for the app to be released, I’ve decided to start it off at the introductory price of $1.99. The app […]

13 March 2012
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Exoplanet Explorer: ready for App World

Exoplanet Explorer is finally ready to be submitted to App World! It was a good thing I didn’t try to send it off blind, like I did with Solar Explorer. My first attempt to run the app on the Playbook last week saw it freeze as soon as the title screen appeared. It turned out […]

10 March 2012
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Solar Explorer: CrackBerry’s publicity factor

It’s certainly been an interesting start to March, after CrackBerry.com mentioned Solar Explorer, and kicked off a wave of app sales on Playbook. Things quickly died down, which was expected, as educational apps don’t generally sit near the top of any market. It’s all good though, as the CrackBerry feature turned into the gift that […]

8 March 2012
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Solar Explorer: Work progressing

I though I’d give a quick update on the status of upcoming things, including the new features in Solar Explorer and what’s happening to Exoplanet Explorer. Solar Explorer First of all, here’s some screen shots of the upcoming changes. You’ll see that there’s now a date and time at the top of the screen with […]

6 March 2012
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Blackberry Playbook from an Android user perspective

I’ve been waiting a while, but my free Playbook has finally arrived after submitting Solar Explorer to AppWorld one month ago. The hardware The unit came in an elasticised pouch which will be good for keeping it safe on the go. It’s slightly larger and heavier with more bezel area than my old 7″ Galaxy […]

4 March 2012
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Solar Explorer: The next update

According to FedEx tracking, my Playbook will arrive tomorrow, so I’ll finally be able to see how Solar Explorer looks on it. I can’t wait I’ve had two visual bugs reported in the Playbook version of Solar Explorer, which will be fixed in the next update. The first occurs when the app is started while […]

2 March 2012
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A stunning development

In a stunning development, Solar Explorer just made it to the position of #1 paid app on AppWorld for the Playbook. I didn’t expect that. Thanks for all the support

1 March 2012
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A Berry busy day

Earlier today this blog and my app, Solar Explorer were both posted to CrackBerry.com, causing a spike in Playbook app sales (over 120 so far) and a big surge in traffic to this site. Normally I’d see about 75 visitors a day, but in the last 11 hours there’s been nearly 1,000! As a result […]

17 February 2012
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Solar Explorer live on Blackberry App World

It was only this morning that I was wondering what had happened to the app I had submitted to Blackberry last week as part of their Playbook for an app offer. The last I’d heard was that my app had qualified to be considered for a Playbook should it be accepted into the marketplace. This […]