8 May 2013
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Thoughts on the 27″ late 2012/13 Apple iMac

For the past few years, I’ve not been a particularly happy PC user. Although my PC was cheap, I’m fed up with a large do-it-yourself box of hot, noisy components that breed dust bunnies. I’m a programmer, not a system builder. Unfortunately, finding a replacement PC that has decent performance, is cool, quiet and hopefully […]

6 March 2012
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Blackberry Playbook from an Android user perspective

I’ve been waiting a while, but my free Playbook has finally arrived after submitting Solar Explorer to AppWorld one month ago. The hardware The unit came in an elasticised pouch which will be good for keeping it safe on the go. It’s slightly larger and heavier with more bezel area than my old 7″ Galaxy […]