17 June 2012
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Resolving difficult issues

For some time I’ve been copping flack from people who’ve installed unsupported custom ICS ROMs on their Android devices, because sometimes the touch screen stopped working with my apps, Solar Explorer and Exoplanet Explorer, resulting in misleading comments on Android Market such as “ICS fail” which are not true as the problem only started after […]

2 June 2012
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Rockets of the Space Race: 14 rockets completed

It’s amazing how time consuming drawing pointy cylinders can be! With a reasonable variety of models nearing completion, I was able to finalise the process I use for creating textures and surface detail. This meant that I had to go back and slightly re-work all the models I’d done so far, which took a while… […]

28 May 2012
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Rockets of the Space Race: First test

Today has been unusually productive, with over 500 lines of code written and tested, allowing the app to reach a point where I have been able to test it on an actual device. I can happily report that it ran really well… in fact, it ran much faster than I was expecting it would on […]

25 May 2012
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Rockets of the Space Race: Atlas & Thor

Two more models are now complete, including Atlas and Thor rockets. In both cases I’ve chosen to create models of the variants of these two launchers that did something interesting – for Atlas, I created a Mercury variant which launched the first American to orbit the Earth, while for Thor, I built the Able 1 […]

21 May 2012
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Rockets of The Space Race

Well, a quarter of the rocket models are now done and they’re looking very good. I’ve further refined the technique I’m using and I’ve also added some specular shine to so that patterns and grooves created by the normal map are more pronounced. From playing with the rockets a bit in the early version of […]

6 May 2012
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Rockets of the Space Race

My next project is going to be another education app called “Rockets of the Space Race” (or something similar) and will focus on the rockets developed during the space race, starting with the V2. This is closely related to the history of spaceflight project that I shelved a few months ago as it will use […]

30 January 2012
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The race to the Moon

The past few weeks I’ve been busy designing my new app, a game tentatively titled “The race to the Moon”. It didn’t start out as a game, rather it was originally was just an educational app, but I wanted it to focus on more than just the moon landing and present information like a timeline […]