13 December 2012
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Transmutation 1.1.8: OpenFeint self immolates

The last update for Transmutation was about six months ago, mainly because I’ve been preoccupied.

My hand was forceD, when GREE (short for Greed?), the company that purchased OpenFeint for $104 million last year, decided to have OpenFeint fall on its sword.

They certainly didn’t give us developers much warning… barely a month to find something else, and they pulled the plug right in the middle of the peak app download period. Punishing us for mooching off their $104m purchase? We’ll see about that.

I decided to ditch Gree completely and search for a new scoring system for Transmuation, eventually choosing ScoreLoop because of its cross platform support, in particular Blackberry.

Unfortunately, due to issues implementing Scoreloop, I had to drop it and switch to Swarm for Android. For those of you following the same path (I know libgdx developers are also affected), the problem with Scoreloop is that it wants to extend the Application class, so does Shiva3D, and they don’t like to share.

With such a short time before OpenFeint throws itself into the abyss, I ended up solving the problem by switching to Swarm, or my app would have gone down with OpenFeint on the 14th.

Swarm turned out to be stupidly easy to implement. I swear the pigeons sitting on my balcony could have done it while I went down the street to get some coffee.

Full credit to Scoreloop though, I was able to correspond with one of the people there and they were keen to help. Scoreloop is integrated into RIM’s Blackberry developer kit, so I’ll continue to use it for that, while I figure out a lasting solution.

Last night I released Transmutation V1.1.8, barely 24 hours before OpenFeint takes it’s long walk off a short cliff. Lots of time has been spent updating this release to the latest everything – the latest Shiva, the latest Android libraries and the latest 3rd party tools. I freshened up some of the graphics and put some time into “nicening-up” the scoring integration so new users aren’t assaulted by a scoring login the first time they run Transmutation.