9 August 2013
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Transmutation: Functionally complete

For the past couple of days I’ve been tidying up Transmutation and getting it ready for release this weekend.

The most obvious change since last time is yet another colour scheme. I was testing the game on my Transformer Prime, which has a bright, though washed-out LCD panel, and the light yellow scheme I’d selected ended up taking on the appearance of an ugly jaundiced grey. I played around with a couple more schemes before settling on a bold yellow/orange/blue which looks quite good on the Prime, and overall I think it’s much better. I’d originally expected to expected to set the colour scheme using the colour tint property of the NGUI sprite components. This is actually what caused the washed-out appearance – the grey graphics were mixing with the tint, giving the tint a greyish appearance. The only way to get a strong, clean colour was to apply it directly to the source graphics and get rid of the tinting completely.

Another feature I’ve dropped are the “Challenges”. This morning, I’d estimated that there was a full day of work required to complete this, and that would have pushed the release into next week. The code is half complete, so I’ll finish it off some other time as an update.

Realistically, the “game” part of Transmutation totals about three or four days of the three weeks that I’ve spent on it. The rest of the time went into upgrading the app framework by adding such things as highscores, achievements and improving the menu system.

Besides a bit more testing, the only coding task I have left is to create some sort of “You win” animation when the player completes the last level.