6 August 2013
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Transmutation: Multi-language & UI improvements

After yesterday’s time wasters, today turned out to be very productive, resulting in two of the four remaining major tasks being crossed off the list.

First up, I’ve finished implementing language selection into the app. The framework already had translations built in, and I’d been adding button and label captions to the translation spreadsheet (used by Localisation toolkit), but I hadn’t created a screen for changing the language. Because the framework automatically translates every UILabel on every panel, changing the language code (DE, EN, ES, etc) in the settings class automatically re-translates everything throughout the app, which made it easy once the selector was in. I’ve noticed that a couple of the new window captions aren’t updating though, which is weird because some are, and they all use the same code. I’ll have to look into it, once the more important stuff is out of the way.

Leaderboards turned out to be even simpler than I expected: I just dropped it off the list. They are only a feature for people who opt to use Google Play for recording scores, which is not the default setting. For now, I’ve decided just to implement a local highscore table and I’ll worry about leaderboards in a future update. I’ll probably end up implementing it in another app, then just merge it back into Transmutation later.

The rest of the day was spent improving the look of the UI. The theme is based on GUI Skin Collection Vol. 4, which I purchased from the Unity Asset Store a couple of months ago. While I like the theme in general, there are certain widgets that look weird (arrows in particular), others make poor use of the available texture space and some have a strange design (the way sliders and scroll bars are split between background and foreground parts is odd because they don’t seem to fit together properly). I thought about fixing them in the original PSD file, but ended up just re-creating the whole thing from scratch in Inkscape, since I was really only using a handful of the widgets that were supplied. This allowed me to maximise the size of these graphics so that they don’t become too pixellated at certain resolutions, without having to increase the size of the GUI texture.

The last two tasks for tomorrow are player scores and the challenges section.

After that, it’s test and tweak, and a touch more colour because the new GUI is a bit too grey.