25 August 2013
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Transmutation: Submitted to Amazon

I’ve finally compiled a fully functional version of Transmutation that runs on the Fire HD.

Although I don’t particularly like the UI on the Fire (it’s a bit restrictive), I’m glad I bought it. It would have been almost impossible to guess why AdMob was locking up through submission rejections or user complaints.

Despite everything working, I’m still expecting Transmutation will probably be rejected this time: silly Me forgot to set the ad refresh rate back to 30 seconds after running test ads at 10 second intervals, and Amazon won’t let me cancel the submission process until they’ve wasted their time testing it.

Based on the lessons learned here, I’ve purchased an iPad 4 in preparation for my first release on iOS.

Hopefully I’ve worked most of the kinks out of the framework and it’ll go smoother next time.