19 July 2013
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Transmutation: the rewrite

After taking a short break, it’s time to work on something new while I’m waiting to release Galaxy Explorer.

It’s going to be a complete rewrite of Transmutation, using the Utils framework I created for my first app.

I’m still experimenting with Unity, so I’m going to be testing out many of the plugins that I purchased on various asset store specials, but had no use for at the time, besides begin a tax deduction.

  • Cartoon FX
  • Smooth moves
  • Text FX
  • Fireworks collection
  • FX Maker

I’m also going to completely refresh the graphics of the app.

Another thing that’s coming is online leaderboards, which is something I’ve tried before with OpenFeint and Swarm, both of which I found of limited use because they rely on users signing up for the services, and many users just don’t bother.

As is typical in IT, things move very quickly. Online leaderboards and achievements, once challenging, have now become a commodity feature built in to iOS Gaming Center and Google Play Game Services.

I’d like to avoid “rolling my own” online leaderboard using a MySQL database and one of the numerous Unity plugins that offer the feature. Users are an untrustworthy lot (just kidding!), and if given the option of an anonymous leaderboard, a percentage will gleefully assign their scores to an offensive or profanity laden user name. The alternative is to require the user create a verifiable account, but then I’d be moving down the path of collecting data on users, which I don’t want to do. And then there’s the issue of cheating, which I’d have to police.

It’s all just too much work…

So, Game Center or Google Play Game Services it is, with the option of sharing scores to Facebook or Twitter.]

Oh, and Scoreloop for Blackberry.